About Us

Welcome to Smart Tutor

Welcome to Smart Tutor, the first online-based tuition company in South Africa. We make it easy for students to participate in our lessons via their pc, tablets and smartphones as well!

Our founder, Theoshan Moodley, believes in affordable and easily accessible knowledge for students wishing to matriculate. In 2012, he launched Student Space, a platform which consolidated past NSC examinations for easy access. Since then he has been working tirelessly to realise Smart Tutor – bringing the classroom to you!

Currently, Smart Tutor is offering courses in Mathematics, catering to core Mathematics. In the near future we will be expanding our course range to include Physical Science and Chemistry.

The dedicated tutors at Smart Tutor are enthusiastic to begin teaching you! They have developed course material in line with the learning outcomes of the NSC syllabus, taking care to concentrate on concepts which students find difficult.

Educator & Creator Skillsets

  • BSc. Computer Engineering
  • PhD. Neuropsychology
  • Hon. Mathematics and Statistics
  • BEd. Teaching
  • M.B.B.S

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